The source code is available on GitHub and is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

The Slide-Deck BootHub template allows you to create a slide deck that includes code snippets written in Java, Groovy, or Kotlin. Click here for a sample.

It provides a Gradle build file that builds the code containing the snippets and creates the slide deck in HTML format.

Getting Started

You can generate a project skeleton based on the Slide-Deck template by using the BootHub GUI or the BootHub CLI.

After providing the template-independent data, you need to configure the Maven groupId of your project:

Maven groupId:

Then, you need to configure the artifact ID and the base package of your project:

Artifact ID [hello-java-talk]: ​
Base package []: ​

The next step is to provide information about the project developers:

Developer ID [jsmith]:
Developer name [John Smith]:
Developer email (optional):
More developers? (Y/N) [N]:

Then, you need to choose the title of your presentation and the language used for the code snippets:

Which language should be used for the code snippets?
* 1: Java
  2: Groovy
  3: Kotlin
Enter your choice: ​3
Presentation title [Hello Java Talk]: ​How to write your first Java program

User Guide

After generating the project skeleton and creating a working copy on your computer, you can build the project that contains the code snippets with:

gradlew build

You can generate the slides by executing:

gradlew asciidoctor

Then, open the index.html file found in build/asciidoc/html5 in your browser.

Developer Guide

This section is for developers who want to fix bugs or change the functionality of the Slide-Deck template.

Read about writing BootHub templates before starting to change the Slide-Deck template.

The Slide-Deck template comes with a suite of tests that generate various skeletons and check their validity. You should update these tests and add new ones according to the changes you make.

Command Line Build

The Slide-Deck template is built with Gradle and requires JDK 8 or higher. Clone the GitHub repository, cd into the top directory and start the build:

git clone
cd boothub-template-slide-deck
./gradlew clean build            (On Windows: gradlew clean build)

IntelliJ Idea

  • start the IntelliJ Idea IDE

  • open build.gradle


  • start the Eclipse IDE

  • install a recent version of Buildship

  • import the project using the Gradle Project wizard